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Our Inspiration.

The inspiration for The Riverbend Project comes from my younger sister Grace. Throughout a year and a half battle  with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma, Grace used the outdoors as a source of therapy, going on neighborhood walks and larger outdoor adventures with our family and friends. In the spring of 2019, we spent an especially memorable  weekend in the mountains of Virginia on a siblings’  retreat and I saw first hand how important spending time away surrounded by trees and wilderness  can be to someone going through so much.

I observed Grace’s freedom from the burden of doctor appointments and endless questions of “How are you feeling?” and “How’s treatment going?” For a few days we were able to simply be together and Grace was able to experience a small amount of peace amidst a lot of unknowns.  Although Grace never fly-fished, my vision for the Riverbend project is to combine my love of fly fishing with my guide expertise in order  to give others similarly impactful outdoor experiences.

The Riverbend Project is here to continue Grace’s legacy of constantly helping others by connecting people directly impacted by a cancer diagnosis to the power of adventure and the serenity of time spent on the river.

a group of proactive anglers.

Our founders & Admin.

Warren Wenzel

Founder/President & Guide

Ryan Guthrie

Head Guide/Co-Founder

Patrick Guthrie

Co-Founder & Administrator

Warren, Patrick and Ryan – founding members of The Riverbend Project – are dedicated to providing fly fishing retreats for those with cancer diagnoses. Warren, Patrick Ryan and the guiding staff have a decades of experience in fly fishing instruction within the greater Grand Teton river system area and are more than prepared to lead these meaningful expeditions along the Snake River.

From the phenomenal waters that surround the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem; down to the magic of connecting with nature – Warren, Ryan, Patrick and Colin – along with our volunteer guides, are here to make it all happen.

our commitment.

Providing a Once in a Lifetime Experience.

Connecting To The Serenity of Nature

The Riverbend Project offers those impacted by a cancer diagnosis the opportunity to connect to the serenity of time spent on the river through guided fly fishing trips along the Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

We are now accepting application for the 2024 summer guiding season!

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"Our goal is to continue to grow, and get as many people affected by a cancer diagnosis on the water as possible"

- The Riverbend Project

Warren Wenzel

Warren learned to fish in the streams and lakes of his native Kentucky for all kinds of sunfish, largemouth bass, and his favorite, smallmouth bass. During the summer after his sophomore year of college, he worked in Yellowstone National Park, where he discovered fly fishing in the rivers and streams of the Yellowstone backcountry. After a brief year in Colorado, Warren is going on his seventh year in the Jackson Valley. He has worked as an instructor, wade fishing guide, and drift boat guide for all but one summer since he has been in Jackson.

His idea to start The Riverbend Project came from the time he spent with his family during his younger sister, Grace’s, year and half fight with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. Always an active family, the most cherished memories from this time often revolved around doing things outside in nature. You will find Warren helping to set up all aspects of the retreats, as well as rowing one of the drift boats and guiding participants down the river!

Ryan Guthrie

Ryan has lived and worked in the Jackson area for the better half of a decade. Originally from Savannah, Ga, Ryan grew up spending time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and playing sports. His passions are fly fishing and skiing, and what better place is there to put those to practice than the Tetons. Warren and Ryan have worked together as fishing guides for the last 5 seasons, and when Warren came to the Guthrie brothers asking for help with the creation of the Riverbend Project it was a no brainer for the brothers to join in. Fly fishing has been a source of therapy for Ryan in his own life, and it has been a pleasure for him to share that therapy with those who also need it. Look for Ryan on the river at any Riverbend Project retreat.

Colin O'Gorman

Colin O’Gorman grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley, Co surrounded by gold medal fisheries. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Jackson where he really fell in love with fly fishing. Catching native and wild fish all day never gets old for Colin. Fishing 100+ days guiding in the Tetons is not a bad way to spend the summer.

Colin guides with the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School where he primarily takes guests that have never had a fly-fishing experience before. The aspect that he enjoys is being able to experience “first times” with the guests. Whether that be first time catching a fish with a fly rod, or even catching a fish for the first time ever! You can only experience a first time once, and it is really special to be a part of that. Volunteering with The Riverbend Project adds a whole other layer that makes the experience beyond what words can describe.