Home August 30th – Sept. 1st


Volunteer guides with decades of combined experience will lead participants down the river. All lodging, meals, and fly fishing equipment will be included for each participant during the retreat.

Instruction on Proper Angling.

Instruction in fly fish basics will include, casting instruction, reading the water, and information on different kinds of flies that are used.

This will be followed by a couple of hours of water time wading or bank fishing. The day will end with a group dinner in the lodge setting. 

Interested in getting a head start on what you’ll learn during the retreat?

Each participant will be provided with their own gear, and instructed by local experts on how to get set up, cast the rod & set a hook – the essentials when learning to fly fish.

Spending A Day Under the Tetons.

Traveling by drift boat with a local guide, participants will take their first trip down the Snake River in groups of two, with one local guide.

River time will be between four and six hours in total, wrapping up the day with another group dinner.

We strongly recommend participants pack accordingly, as the great snake river plain region is notorious for variable weather conditions and dramatic changes in temperature.

The Final Float & Our Goodbyes.

During the final float, participants will spend another four to six hours floating down the Snake River. There will be an option to float the same section or see something new!

The final dinner and closing ceremonies will take place that evening.